Meditative Movements™ with The Reflective Nurse

Practicing the I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ is one of my favorite heart-warming moves on a cold day!

You have landed in a place to 'meet' Meditative Movements™, a technique developed to align your brain, body, and being. Welcome! In my blog archives, I've likened Meditative Movements™ to love letters we can write to ourselves by way of combining the art of meditation with the physical science of moving the body.

As a nurse, I was drawn to Meditative Movements™ as a holistic practice that has the potential to serve both sides care delivery; caregivers and patients, alike. I feel most authentic in my own nursing practice when I show up for the patients and colleagues I support with presence of mind, body, and being. In my fifth year of practicing this technique, I upped my game and became a Certified Meditative Movements™ Instructor.

I'm excited to be partnering with Ellie Peterson, (developer of the Meditative Movements™ technique) to share with fellow caregivers about the approach I've developed in my practice and instruction of Meditative Movements™. Using the five sequential steps of the nursing process (assess, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate), I've honed a sense of how self-care for the caregiver can be accessed with Meditative Movements™ to center ourselves, to energize, and to release thoughts or emotions that prevent us from delivering the care we are capable of giving ourselves and the patients we serve.

Join me in the virtual Meditative Movements™ studio to try a movement (or four!) and to experience how this technique can enhance your professional practice of caregiving -- and your personal practice of life!

For more ways to practice Meditative Movements™ or to schedule an individual or group class, email Natalie at: