This image got me thinking about nurses who have served in the military, and those who have given and risked all to serve all.
This image got me thinking about sacrifices made by those we honor on Memorial Day and those military nurses who serve our military personnel everyday.

It's Memorial Day, and I'm off on this holiday after working the weekend.  I'm thinking about my colleagues who are working at the hospital today instead of swimming, grilling, and sipping on Arnold Palmers.  I'm also thinking of the members of service we honor with this holiday, and those who gave all.

I  can relate to the feeling of sacrifice that comes with working holidays, but I can't begin to relate to the sacrifice made by those members of service and those families who have given and/or risked all to serve our country.  I can only express gratitude and a moment to honor these brave souls.  And today, I'm thinking about those nurses who have made both sacrifices.

A Day in the Life of a Military Nurse is a snapshot moving picture that's worth a peek, featured on  The resource serves the nursing profession with career profiles like military nursing, and more, with inspiration and aspiration to serve as a volunteer nurse beyond the borders of your everyday practice.  I especially enjoyed reading today about the history of military nursing to include the volunteer effort that started this branch of the military and the nursing profession.

This post is dedicated to those who have given their all, and to inspire new ideas for ways to serve the greater good in whatever inspires you to do so.

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