Listen to your heart

We are almost halfway through 2021. I’m carving out a little time on an early Sunday morning to read, to write, and to take a pulse on the year. Time flies, and I don’t want to miss the plane!

I’ve been spending a lot more time in the private pages of my journal in lieu of posting to the blog. This time last year, I was halfway through a two-month furlough in the throes of how the pandemic impacted pediatrics. I’ve been revisiting some of the art, ideas, and activities that refueled my tank during that time away from my standard work in patient safety. Returning to standard work after what felt like a sabbatical inspired curiosity about how to bring some of the richness of that break back to work-life balance. Amidst a myriad of challenges that continue to contribute to context in caregiving, a year later, I’m thinking about how to sustain the art and science of caregiving.

Three muses who have my attention as I reflect on what’s inspiring me, these days: James Clear, Zig Zag (The Pulse) podcast, and Jean Watson.

My Dad and I have been working our way through James Clear’s, Atomic Habits, this year. We talk on Sunday mornings about the chapter we tackled during the week and how we might apply the lessons to our lives. I am reminded of the power of tiny changes that can lead to remarkable results as we make our way through this book! You can sign up for James Clear’s free weekly newsletter at: to get a flavor of this inspiration ‘on the regular’ in your inbox.

Zig Zag (The Pulse) podcast is six, bite-sized, interactive engagements in navigating wherever you are in your career. I’ve had more fun sharing this with some of my favorite people and I’m grateful to the one who put it on my radar! Check it out to fill in the blanks on where you’re at — and on what you wish for in your career.

Caring scientist, Jean Watson captured my nurse heart from my first exposure to her wisdom on “caring science” in my first nursing theory course. She has consistently delivered on an impactful first impression by way of her writing and professional development offerings for caregivers. I’m contemplating a deep dive into the science of caring with her Caritas Coach program. A recent article reminds me of the power of professional development grounded in securing your own oxygen mask before hooking others up to O2:

The trumpet is about to blare on CBS This Morning -so I’ll shift from the deck to the couch to soak up my next source of Sunday morning muses. Taking my own pulse on what’s inspiring my reflections these days is a mental inventory that I know I’ll love to look back on...what’s your pulse on reflective practice, these days? I love hearing from readers in response to reflections on the blog at: