While the morning coffee brews: Grabbing a gratitude vibe with the Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Meditative Movement (me, left) and a few extra zzz’s (Rocky, right).

As the time-tested recipes come out to play today, I’m mindful of how ingredients matter in orchestrating a feast. The same can be said about pulling a day together! Meditative Movements have been a critical ‘ingredient’ in my recipe for self-care in 2020. Reciting “thank yous” this morning by the fire while holding dear the gratitudes of family and friendship, of eating well, and of slowing down a little this holiday.

We are being called to find new ways to connect with ourselves and others. I invite you to try the Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Meditative Movement today (or any day!) to keep gratitude on the menu.

Happy Thanksgiving!