I recently read an article on surge capacity...and how the test of our reserves has come in some interesting packaging in 2020. Topics that weigh heavy have proven to be more of a marathon than a sprint, and finding a new center of gravity (on repeat) is proving to be the constant in this season of change. When things are spinning, I search for sources of strength to surf the waves of surge capacity.

Practicing Meditative Movements™ and earning my teaching certification this year is going to be one of those things I look back on and attribute to how I navigated the depth and breadth of change in the cocoon that is 2020.

Join me for this special course offering on Meditative Movements™, a technique that combines meditation and movement to go inward for strength. Let's meet up to practice this technique together via Zoom on the second Tuesday of the month, October 13-June 8. Meditative Movements™ creator Ellie Peterson is generously offering this course (regular $197) to essential workers for just $49. 

Details in link: http://meditativemovements.com/YesToLifeSeries.html