Healing begins...by my resident junior poet
Healing begins...

I spent this Nurses Day in distance learning activities with my nine year old. Sipping on coffee while doing a lesson about fractions, I thought about dosage calculations from nursing school and the math test one takes before working at a hospital. During phy-ed, where the challenge was to inflate a plastic bag to bat in the air while running around a stool — I was reminded of some of the creative things I’ve seen patients, families and colleagues do to burn off some physical steam within the four walls of a hospital room.

My favorite lesson today was the peace poetry activity du jour with artist in residence, Marie Olofsdotter. The video session led us through inspiration and process for writing solar circle poems centered on the theme: healing begins. I was compelled to dedicate the healing rays on my solar circle to the four therapeutic practices of a favorite book and philosophy by Mary Koloroutis and Michael Trout: *See Me as a Person.

My daughter’s poem took the shape of a heart, complete with beams of things that make her happy. Engaging in this art reminds me of the value of poetry in practice. Try your hand at drawing a heart or circle around the words, “healing begins” and see where your pencil takes you!

*See Me as a Person review on Goodreads:

Today I'm getting a running start on my goal to raise $1000 for Children's Minnesota as a member of Team Superstars. I'm lacing up my running shoes for my 10th training run to prepare for the TC10 event of the Twin Cities Marathon in October 2020. You can support me by cheering, by asking how my training is going, and/or by making a donation to help me meet my fundraising goal to contribute to the Child and Family Services fund at Children's MN.

You may recall my hubby's "breathless proposal" some 15 years ago at this event. I'd be grateful for your support of the place that put us on each others' paths at a time when the world is fighting a pandemic and upholding health and healing every step of the way. There's no place I'd rather work or bring my own child for care, and your support of any type or amount will help ensure critical services in a time of increased need.

Minnesota is doing a #GivingTuesdayNow campaign to raise money for those especially in need at this time -- so this felt like a great time to get the word out!

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