What’s on your self-care menu?

This question was posed in a talk I recently heard among 200-some nurses. We were invited to consider options on the menu to create a S.E.L.F (stop, evaluate, learn, find your path) care plan. On paper, after identifying the cognitive, physical, behavioral, and emotional stress reactions that nurses are challenged to meet in practice, we chalked out a plan for home and for work to have a virtual first aid kit at the ready.

When I'm living what Oprah might call "my best life" -- I'm ordering up mediation and movement on the regular. When I'm not being thoughtful about self care, eating whatever isn't nailed down (preferably on the couch!) is my go-to. In all fairness, I think this indulgence has its place -- distanced from a go-to ritual!

Creating my own self-care first aid kit inspired me to sign up for a Meditative Movement™ 21-day challenge, starting on 2/29. The Meditative Movements™ technique embodies over 100 movements designed to release stress, to energize, or to center oneself in calm. I've practiced Meditative Movements™ for years, and I am excited to fold these exercises back into my daily routine. The three-week challenge (explained in detail in link above) will feature one movement each week, optimizing ease in habit-formation in less than 10 minutes per day.

Ellie Peterson, creator of the Meditative Movements™ technique is offering up the I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ this week as a warm-up before taking the leap on 2/29 for the three-week challenge to trial this habit in your self-care practice. The movement is like hugging a moment while picturing or simply being present to whatever makes your heart swell! A brain-body connection to keep the warmth of Valentine month cozy in your heart all year.

Meditative Movements™ are like a mailbox full of love letters addressed to stress-release, energy-boosts, or centering to calm. I practiced the, I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ while window-shopping on Valentine's weekend.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the challenge or the technique. I'm leaping beyond this three-week challenge to become certified to teach Meditative Movements™ by taking the leader certificate training on Thursday, March 12. Holler if you are moved to join me! natalie.lu.msn@gmail.com