The Reflective Nurse 5th annual Nurses Week Salon lifted up themes of connectedness, transitions in practice, loss, writing, simulation, nursing education, and more. The pearl we all took away from conversation during our check-out was the value of a pause in practice: to poise ourselves in self-care, to care for one another in our work, and to make a human connection with the patients and families in our care. This is nursing.

Book suggestions, TED Talk recommendations, and journal references are some of the rich gifts of a conversation salon. Tonight’s discussion did not disappoint in the free-flow of suggestions to this end! In honor of Nurses Week 2019, please enjoy the following recommendation from one of my nurse mentors: “The Mother of All Hospital Administrators,” by Joe Tye, is a unique reflection published in Hospitals and Health Networks magazine about Florence Nightingale’s lamplight shed on the blueprint of modern day hospitals. One way you can honor Florence Nightingale’s birthday and a piece of nursing history is by checking out Tye’s piece at:

A special closing note of the night was an offering of a Blessing of Hands ritual by a dear chaplain partner in care. How important to be reminded of the value of spiritual caregivers in our work with this special tradition to touch our hands and hearts. My cup is full.

Happy Nurses Week!

A pause in practice for a Blessing of Hands ritual is a cornerstone ritual in Nurses Week, compliments of our partners in spiritual care.