Thrive Salon

On the shores of Bay Lake with Babe the Blue Ox and Thrive Behavioral Network.

Today I took a vacation day to travel North for an opportunity to facilitate a multidisciplinary salon on practice for Thrive Behavioral Network’s leadership conference.  This was the largest and most varied group of professionals I’ve been honored to serve with salon facilitation.  Our conversation was carried by mental health professionals, program administrators and support staff, HR, billing and payroll personnel, treatment directors, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, program managers, registered nurses, a lead chemical dependency tech, and president of Thrive Behavioral Network.

I’m humbled tonight as I reflect on themes that this dynamic group of mental health leaders presented to each other in our salon session.  Part of a three-day agenda, our salon prioritized time for these individuals to be present to each other in a forum that enhanced their connectedness in purpose and practice.  Participants checked in and out (Socrates Cafe style) by answering the question, “What’s on your mind about your practice and profession?”

Insights ranging from autonomy to resilience filled sessions before and after lunch.  A nostalgic resort setting served as our reflective space away from the daily grind.  What do we do with this conversation?  There are no minutes to assign duties or follow-up items from a conversation salon.  A question to hold onto as offered by leadership is one of resilience: how do we keep people here so we can all be assured to gather for another conversation like this in the future?

On a closing note, I was particularly moved by one participant’s statement about self-awareness in practice.  “I know I’m in a good place in practice when I’m ________________.”   He filled in the blank with something that fills his bucket.

I invite you as readers to fill in your blanks on your “good place in practice” scenarios.

Gratitude to Thrive Behavioral Network for a conversation that raised all our boats on Bay Lake, today.


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