Nursing research for the win!

Essentials for a successful study session: a good article, a good ‘how-to’ outline, a great example to reference, pen, paper, glasses, and ear buds. Not pictured: coffee and research buddy!

Do you have a bucket list for your nursing practice?  Stuff you want to do beyond the bedside or standard work?  This year I’ve been presented an opportunity to realize one of my nurse dreams.  A dear colleague and I were accepted into the Research Fellows Program at the hospital where we work together as Quality and Safety Coaches.  We couldn’t be more excited to dive into the literature that will guide our proposal as principal investigators in our study to examine the culture of safety in our work.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve participated in nursing research or share this bucket list item for your practice.

More to come!




One thought on “Nursing research for the win!

  1. Lani Hollenbeck

    I absolutely love research! Reading research, teaching research, looking at the many ways in which we as nurses apply research; knowingly and unknowingly in caring for our patients. Congratulations to your and your colleague in being accepted into the Research Fellows program. Thank you in advance for making a difference!


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