What parts of your day can you document for yourself to reflect on the details of your current practice?

Day in the Life is a documenting project lead by one of my favorite lifestyle recorders, Ali Edwards.  It’s been a while since I participated in this meaningful opportunity to capture the details of the day.  I had the opportunity to meet Ali a few years ago in Florida when I traveled to experience this workshop in person...equipped with 16 photos I took (about one per waking hour) over the course of one typical day in my life.  I’ve since participated via Instagram and I always appreciate the finished product and nuances of normal life that are in the books to cherish for years to come.

Nurses and our partners in healing are no strangers to documentation!   If it’s not charted, it didn’t happen…right?   Many aspects of our work cannot be documented in photo or print for confidentiality reasons. But the personal details of a given day in our current practice can be captured: activities from the hour of wake, our badge, the time clock, our uniform/shoes, a typical break activity, a blank assignment sheet (aka: ‘brain’), the facility where we work as a caregiver, a snapshot of a base schedule...etc. — many details can be captured without compromising patient confidentiality.

Consider joining Ali (and me!) this Thursday to document your Day in the Life as you know it.   The images and reflections are fun to look back on in years to come. This is one of my favorite (and most manageable!) approaches to memory keeping.

No cost to participate.  Learn more on Ali’s site at:


Be sure to #aedayinthelife if you are on Instagram!


Essentials for a successful study session: a good article, a good ‘how-to’ outline, a great example to reference, pen, paper, glasses, and ear buds. Not pictured: coffee and research buddy!

Do you have a bucket list for your nursing practice?  Stuff you want to do beyond the bedside or standard work?  This year I’ve been presented an opportunity to realize one of my nurse dreams.  A dear colleague and I were accepted into the Research Fellows Program at the hospital where we work together as Quality and Safety Coaches.  We couldn’t be more excited to dive into the literature that will guide our proposal as principal investigators in our study to examine the culture of safety in our work.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve participated in nursing research or share this bucket list item for your practice.

More to come!




Data to drive change, furnished by Chikdren’s MN at the Twin Cities NEDA Walk

Awareneas and concern were raised at the Twin Cities National Eating Disorder Association Walk at the Mall of America, today.

I’m reminded of how meaningful the strides we take as healthcare providers can feel when we walk alongside a population of care outside the hospital walls.  Walking to support a cause serves an opportunity to see the people we care for in a state of wellness.  And taking a post to serve as an ambassador for the hospital where our standard work is done deepens the connection to mission and fellow colleagues.

Grateful for an event that brought me closer to my team and deeper in my understanding and support of those who are overcoming challenges and healing.

Engagement in cause and compassion: a team endeavor! Hats off to Children’s MN Center for Treatment of Eating Disordrrs. Humbled to support this work.
Dr. Laura Hill offers a TED Talk on Eating Disorders from the Inside Out at: https://youtu.be/UEysOExcwrE