Lamp lit sidewalks and study carrols. I love a cameo moment back in college life!

The atmosphere on a chilly night’s stroll through a college campus is a blend of bustle and calm.  Full parking lots, activities, and classroom buildings bordered by quiet, paved walkways.  I’m grateful for a gig that gives me cause to connect with students who are advancing their nursing degrees.

It’s by invitation of a nurse mentor to join together in lecture once a semester at her Augsburg University course.  I get to talk to nurses on the path to completing their BSN about self care in the context of nursing theories that guide practice.  The best part of the night for me is hearing the students share why they chose nursing and how they are honing self care practices that integrate holistic modalities and concepts.

Care for the caregiver raises all our boats.  Who has role-modeled a caring touch that you aspire to deliver to the patients and families you serve?  Consider reaching out to thank someone who has enhanced your practice by modeling and role modeling within the profession.

Dr. Lani Hallenbeck, this is my offering of gratitude to you!  Thank you for your stories and for your ability to model the value of rituals in healing communities. And more, thank you for sparking curiosity in developing nurses about how to care for our practice and profession.