Moving into 2018

Retreat feels: cathedral windows featuring Mother Nature’s magic.

Aristotle said, "Life requires movement."

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending: Experience the Magic: An Empowering 2018 Retreat, hosted by  Ellie Peterson, creator of the Meditative Movements™  technique.

Participants learned and practiced Meditative Movements™ that spark feelings of centering, energy, and release.  A portion of the retreat (during lunch) was intentionally silent, an opportunity to be fully preesnt to the nourishment on our plates and within some solitude.  We broke the silence by  popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate that which is new and toast-worthy as we welcome 2018.

I believe deeply in creating intentional, intimate gatherings like this retreat.  I'm so grateful to have moved into intentions for 2018 in the presence of Ellie and other participants at the retreat.  Now I'm charting a course to implement what I learned! For me, the retreat built on a daily practice I discovered last year when I was struggling to find a form of meditation that held my attention.

Self care and it's relationship to our ability to care for others is a common theme at nursing salons I host and attend.  I feel grateful for a practice that is serving process and outcomes that release, center, and energize!  You can listen to how I found Ellie and this approach to self care in the episode, Meditative Movements™ for the Relfective Nurse recorded with Leanne Meier, host of the digital talk Voice America talk radio show, Once a Nurse Always a Nurse.

Happy New Year!


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