“Best CEUs Ever!” said Jen Quade…

These CEUs were sprinkled with everything from sugar to rose petals.
These CEUs were sprinkled with everything from sugar to rose petals.

"Best CEUs ever!" Jen Quade  heralded to promote last weekend's Wild Feminine Retreat on a prairie about an hour outside of the Twin Cities metro area.  I found myself repeating that mantra to Jen through sweat and a smile during the  Qoya portion of the day.  Below, you can read Jen's summary of the retreat and follow the links (and your bliss!) to learn more about her work.  I had so much fun participating in a day dedicated to a wild, feminine, freeing, approach to learning about ancient traditions and new movements.  The event has sparked some ideas for some exciting CEU collaborations that are in the works for 2017 a la The Reflective Nurse.  Stay tuned for future collaborations and read on to hear Jen's reflection on her Wild Feminine Retreat!

"Last weekend 13 beautiful women made a pilgrimage from the city to my prairie home to sink into their wild selves for a day. We sat in community together and shared from our hearts, we danced and invited in the wild woman within, we ate a homemade lunch together and we prayed and created a traditional Peruvian despacho offering in gratitude for life.

It. Was. Divine. ☀️

I'll admit there was a part of me that was worried no one would make the drive... And wow was I proven wrong! So many people are craving experiences like this. I was humbled and thrilled to have been able to spend the beautiful fall day with a group of such wise, loving and creative women.

How might it feel to embody your wildness more? To really trust your own unique life force and creative spark... And to express from that place?

I'm teaching a free Qoya class on Friday Oct 28 and I'm launching a 3 part "Wise, Wild and Free" series at YESS yoga beginning Nov 5th. Join us!"

Check out Jen's events page for more info:


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