It's counter-intuitive, this notion of  professional caregivers struggling to prioritize self care. But it is a theme that comes up on and off the job for many nurses.   The struggle of self care was a prevalent theme at this week's nursing salon.

I'll be sharing a couple of professional articles on this matter in coming days. But today, I share the gift of the featured image on this blogpost, offered to me by one of the participants at this week's nursing salon.   I've read the prose on the image on three separate days now.   Each time I read the passage, I get something different out of it.  More importantly, each time I've read the passage, I've found a moment to make self care a priority.

Do  you have a self-care practice to underpin your nursing practice?  What does it look like on the job?   What does your self care look like before going into a long stretch of work? How about on the day after a long work weekend?

Do enjoy the image kindly shared by a nurse who I consistently look up to for her ability to model self-care practices.  And please do share your best practices in the comments below if you are so inspired!   More importantly, make a moment to prioritize your own self-care today.

Notes and nibbles from the summer 2016 salon at Chez Sackey.
Notes and nibbles from the summer 2016 salon at Chez Sackey.

I combined efforts with a couple dear friends and colleagues to host The Reflective Nurse summer nursing salon.  I'm savoring notes from the event, along with the memory of that homemade ice cream cake. Plenty more ideas to consider and to practice after sharing an evening in conversation with fellow nurses.

More reflections on this week's salon to come.

I'm already craving the next salon...and that ice cream cake.   As a wise friend once said, "All good things must come to a next time."

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