What’s on your mind about nursing, Calvin Sackey? “Mom.”

Editor's note: Double feature on the blog today in honor of Mother's Day!  Jenny Sackey's son Calvin is following in his mom's footsteps in health care career aspirations.  Some excerpts from a recent scholarship essay Calvin wrote pay special tribute to the insights he has gained from his mom. Beyond the meaningful reflections shared here below, Calvin's essay highlighted how he is channeling his life experience to find a volunteer opportunity to mentor biracial students who may be facing some of the challenges he either experienced or witnessed in his formidable years.  Calvin's remarks demonstrate that what we show our children in our actions will forever speak louder than our words.  Thank you to this mother-son dynamic duo for staging this Mother's Day blog takeover!       

UMD sophomore Calvin Sackey reflects on how his Mother, Jenny Sackey is always behind him.
UMD sophomore Calvin Sackey reflects on how his Mother, Jenny Sackey is always behind him.

"I am a sophomore in college majoring in biology, attending University of Minnesota – Duluth in pursuit of my dream to become a Physician’s Assistant or a Registered Nurse.  A lifetime of admiration for my mom has inspired my career aspirations.  A lifetime of watching her model the best advice she’s ever given me is helping me to reach my goals.

Before college, I remember receiving advice from respected coaches, teachers, and mentors who encouraged me to look at college as a full-time job.  I don’t think I fully understood the advice before getting into the context of university life, and I struggled to balance the new freedoms and responsibilities that seemed to be placed on me all at once.  I realized in my struggle that it was not just advice I needed to get me through the challenges, it was a role model.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I have always been a ‘momma’s boy’ – I’ve always looked up to my Mother with immense admiration. While she was pursuing her Associate of Science degree in Nursing at North Hennepin Community College to become a Registered Nurse, she was also busy mothering three young children while working a full-time job as a Certified Nursing Assistant and trying to live a “normal” life as well. She consistently demonstrates that the only way to balance multiple responsibilities and to be successful is to develop a disciplined work ethic.

An important accompanying piece of my Mother’s best advice that has always helped me when making a decision is to ask myself, “How will this affect me in 10 seconds, in 10 days, and in 10 years?” My Mother modeled this advice.  By way of watching her overcome the challenges related to balancing so many caregiver roles, I’ve seen her model the advice to look at balance as a full-time job.  It is from my Mother where I was inspired to learn and mimic her work ethic and to follow in her career path. More, it is from my mom that I learned that it is my duty to pass what I have learned through experience to help others when they are struggling to have their brightest future possible."

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  1. Calvin Sackey

    It is a true honor to have the source of my motivation published, especially on Mother's Day. I hope to follow in my mother's footsteps one day!


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