What’s on my mind about nursing? Haiku.

Auscultation serves the science of nursing, and listening serves the art.
When I listened to my heart this fine Valentine's Day, I heard poetry.

My passion for playing with words is how I've come to reflecting on practice with this blog.  Today is Valentine's Day, so I'm inclined to reach for poetic inspiration in my reflection.  I had so much fun scratching out the following haiku:

Reach out, stethoscope:

extending from ears to heart,

listen to this life.

Nursing is often described as a science and an art.  Science drives the need to re-certify in basic life support every couple of years. I like to think that having a practice for creative expression is equally important.

I know a lot of nurses (and partners in healing) who have a creative practice outside of their professional practice.  Knitters, quilters, scrap-bookers, painters, chefs, and others.  Have you discovered how your creative expression overlaps with your professional practice?

An explanation and how-to on haiku is offered on a favorite writer's resource of mine: Creative Writing Now.  Check it out and give your hand in poetry a whirl with three little lines inspired by Japanese verse.  I love hearing from readers.  Share your prose or poetry here, on Facebook, or at: natalie@thereflectivenurse.com





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